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iisaw's Journal

I'm a crazy old coot who used to be a 3D animator working in the videogame industry. (I've done the traditional sort of animation too.) I've been a state humane / animal control officer, an actor / extra / stuntman, a merchant seaman, a cowboy, an IT tech, and have had lots of other odd jobs. I'm currently involved with starting up an independent film company.

Stuff I do for fun: I love martial arts of all sorts (particularly weapon forms) although I've only stuck with three long enough to achieve master status: Shotokan Karate, Iaido, and SCA (pseudo-medieval combat). I love most low-tech outdoor activities such as sailing (traditional historic rigs... I've crewed aboard Endeavour), hiking, skiing, riding, drumming (ethnic), archery (bow and sling). I love traveling and I've bummed around the planet a lot, so I can get by in several languages. (I really wouldn't claim fluency in any of them, but I sure can swear.) I do all sorts of art as well as drawing and painting... calligraphy (medieval, Arabic, and exotic), woodcarving, metal smithing, environmental art (Andy Goldsworthy type stuff), and I write sporadically. (I've had one of my plays and one of my novels published so far. The play has been produced several times and it's won two awards.)

Other stuff: I'm a fool. I'm a xenophile. I'm hedonistic, mischievous, and easy-going to a fault. I'm fanatically self-reliant. I'll converse on darn near any subject except mainstream sports. I love animals (mostly) and am indifferent to people (mostly). I'm pessimistic, cynical, and contrary. Despite the fact that I talk with the spirit of Coyote frequently, I'm an atheist and I like to think of myself as a skeptic. I read voraciously and omnivorously. (There're over 5000 books in my library... almost 300 on werewolves alone.)

I like hoodoos and tufas and I hope someday to make crop circles. Iisaw is the Hopi word for Coyote.