Strange Things in the Desert: Part 305

Sometimes I need to know things, things that are not real but, nevertheless, important. That's when I seek wisdom in the Borderlands.

At the mouth of the Valley of the Moon stands the Desert Tower. It is a place of strange and sometimes dangerous creatures.

The Coyote Princess lives there and gives answers to people who come with offerings. The things she says are mostly lies, because she's a coyote first and a princess second. Fortunately, her lies are more helpful than most truths if one knows how to listen.


As you might expect, a coyote's junkyard is not exactly normal.

Rock Dog guards the Springs The Quench Not Thirst. He's a bit more direct than Coyote Princess.

The millionaire bikers are easy to dodge. A casual comment about scratched paint sends them scurrying off to desperately run their eyes and hands over their rides.

In a town overrun by vampires, a lot of holy water is required. Thanks to the miracle of modern Capitalism, this is not a problem.

Labyrinths, why does it always have to be Labyrinths?

They're up there, searching. I hope they're searching for someone else, but I wait until I can no longer hear the drumbeat of the rotors to continue. Just in case.

Dead end here. No wings.

Other locals point out the way for me.

There it is. The Center of the World, and the histories written in stone. Coe, the dragon who sometimes lives there, was not at home.

It's official. And that puzzles me. In what office is the Hub of All set or recognized? I think it should be a sacred glade or a mountain top, not an office. It's gladial. It's peakial. I'll have to consider that when I have more time.

It's all here.

Even the future, there on the left... it's harder to read, but still here. The problem is finding exactly what I'm looking for.

The sun sinks lower, but I find what I need.

The way back home.

NRAO Visit

In New Mexico for a lab, I realized I was passing by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, so I stopped in to check it out. That's the hub of the VLA behind me. I also got a look at the LWA and the "Barn" where they build the dishes. Much astronomy geek-love ensued.


Mythic Parallels

I surely can't be the only person to have noticed this:
A lot of people complaining about how Twilight defeated Tirek in the season four finale, don't seem to grasp the concept of metaphoric storytelling.

The Difference Between Agnostics and Atheists

An agnostic and an atheist are sitting in a pub when a man rushes in from outside and says, "I've just seen the most incredible thing! There was a black dog walking down the street that had wings and two heads! He was all green and floated in the air about a foot off the pavement, and was reciting Chaucer in fluent Aramaic!"

When the agnostic and the atheist go out to see this amazing animal they find the street deserted, but the third man assures them that the dog had been there just moments ago.

They go back inside the pub and order another round.

The barman delivers their drinks and asks, "So do you guys believe all that about the weird dog?"

The agnostic says, "I have no idea. I could be true, I suppose. There's no way of absolutely telling for sure."

The atheist says, "I can't disprove his story, but based on what I know of the way the world usually works, and the fact that two of his claims are self-contradictory, and a third is based on knowledge he doesn't posses (he doesn't speak Aramaic), I consider the probability of his claims being true to be vanishingly close to zero. In short, he's almost certainly lying, though there is also a chance he was hallucinating."

Were you expecting a joke? Sorry; no punch line. This is just the most succinct illustration I could come up with to explain why I'm an atheist and not an agnostic. Unfalsifiable assertions are not a 50/50 coin flip.